Acid Taste in Mouth

acid taste in mouthAcid reflux is a condition in which the esophageal sphincter is not strong enough to keep acid in the stomach resulting in a burning sensation up the esophagus and a foul taste in the mouth as small amounts of acid escape and travel back up the digestive tract. While often treated with medications, there are several more natural and alternative methods that can be used to offer relief.

Changing the diet may not always help acid reflux, but there is something to be said for eating a healthy, well balance, properly proportioned meal. Proper nutrition can maintain gut health, which can prove to be a great preventative measure. Adequate portion sizes will not put too much strain on the already weakened sphincter and will reduce the likelihood of contents escaping up the esophagus and causing the unpleasant taste and effects of reflux.

Tea has long been considered another natural remedy of acid reflux, specifically chamomile. Chamomile relaxes the drinker, and also the stomach and reduces the production of acid. Less acids results in less reflux. Mint tea, a centuries honored remedy for the stomach, is another useful and easy to obtain fix for acid reflux. Both taste pleasant enough, and will wipe the acid taste out of your mouth as well as prevent it from returning by soothing the acid content in the stomach.

Ginger has also been proved to be effective at soothing an acid stomach. Ginger as a tea, a piece pocketed between the molar and the gum, or capsules can help to decrease the acid in the gut, thereby preventing it from traveling back up the esophagus and creating the uncomfortable sensation of reflux. Ginger itself has a strong flavor that will most likely override the taste of the acid.

Apples are another trick of the acid fighting trade. It has been shown that at least one apple a day will neutralize stomach acid because it is considered to be slightly more alkaline than the stomach, and acts to stabilize acid production. Apple cider vinegar is also reported to be useful with half a glass of water, drank leisurely before or after meals.

Increasing water intake may help as it stimulates the stomach to digest better and faster, flushing out more acid than it retains. The benefits of drinking water are body wide, but especially in terms of conquering the acid problem. It is important to note, though, that one should remain sitting up for at least half an hour after drinking water to prevent the regurgitation effect of the poor sphincter strength. In fact, remaining at a 30 degree angle even while one sleeps assists with prevention.

There are several alternatives to medication when it comes to Acid Reflux. Remedies that have worked for centuries are making a comeback, and are most likely healthier for the body than the synthetics used to create more modern day medications.

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